Logistic Real Estate

Customized real estate for logistics companies

In the Port of Hamburg and the surrounding conurbation numerous import/export packing and distribution centres are required. They are used as interim storage for cargo to facilitate many value-added services and fulfil an important logistics function for waterside export facilities. In addition to the Hamburg metropolitan region, the hinterland and neighbouring countries are reliably supplied with goods from the cutting-edge logistics facilities.
The growth in handling in the Port of Hamburg is causing an increase in the need for logistics sites, which because of the volume of space required, often more 8,000 square metres are more readily available in the surrounding area of Hamburg, e.g. along the A7 Hanover - Flensburg motorway, the A1 Lübeck - Bremen and the catchment area of the A39 motorway intersection in Maschen.  Because of new building developments and existing properties in the Port of Hamburg and urban area the availability of sites larger than 10,000 square metres is very stable. When planning new property some logistics property developers take into consideration partitioning major sites in order to meet the demand for high-quality third-party use of logistics property in segments of up to 5,000 square metres.
In Hamburg and the surrounding region there are a number of companies specialized in logistics facilities providing project development, administration and agency services. They assist in finding locations, and developing, purchasing, selling or leasing user-friendly, market-driven logistics real estate. Their service portfolio ranges from the initial concept via project and facility management to revitalisation.


    • Logistic Real Estate
    • Logistic Real Estate