Secure on Quay Walls and in the Roads

Linesmen secure ships to posts and bollards with lines and cables. On the water, for this they use their powerful and nippy linesmen’s boats, and on shore special vehicles fitted with a small winch equipped to handle lines. In Hamburg more than 90 linesmen with 17 linesmen’s boats and 20 winches, are on call round-the-clock. Five linesmen’s firms have pooled their services in the Hamburg Linemen’s Association. Linesmen’s bookings are coordinated by a central movements office.  

Linesman at workLinesman at work

Linesmen vital for berthing

The crew of the ocean-going ship initially throws ashore a light throwline with a linesman’s line attached. The throwline is taken by boat to the quay or the bollard where the main line is made fast. The ship’s crew then uses a winch to pull the vessel alongside the quay wall. To counteract pressure from the wind or the current, as a rule a ship is made fast with bow and stern lines plus springs.