Liner Services

  • Connections Worldwide

    Use the Port of Hamburg Liner Service to find all the Port of Hamburg's regular intercontinental liner services as well as European feeder and short-sea services.

    Enter the port in question in the "Port direct search" box or search in the selection list first for the country and then for the desired destination.

    The results will list the shipping companies that serve the destination port. If you click on a displayed connection, the agent, the departure frequency and the departure terminal in Hamburg are shown.

    The numbers in the red cluster circles indicate the number of connections in the respective area.

  • Background to Liner and Feeder Services

      • Top 10 Trading Partners

        • Top 10 Trading Partners in Seaborne Container Traffic

          Top 10 Trading Partners, Container

          China, the USA and Singapore head the ranking of Hamburg’s Top Ten partner countries for container handling

      • Vessel Calls Statistics

        • Vessel Calls

          Vessel Calls

          Vessel calls in the past two years, broken down by ship type.

      • Statistics: Throughput by Area

        • Container Handling by Trade Areas

          Container Handling by Trade Areas

          Worldwide shipping connections and the global flow of goods bring container traffic to Hamburg.