Leasing & Trading

Flexible transport solutions with containers

Specialized firms in the Port of Hamburg lease out new and used containers. They offer sale and purchase, rentals and leasing of ISO and special containers. Most container leasing firms possess a worldwide network with diversified ranges of containers to meet every requirement, whether for ventilated or reefer boxes, or others for outsize or liquid cargoes.

Customized containers for every need

Whether standard, high-cube, open-top or flat containers; insulated, ventilated or refrigerated; or for liquid, general or bulk cargoes – container trading companies buy and sell new and used boxes of all types. Tailormade special containers can also be built to order for customers. Accommodation, office and toilet containers can also be obtained from these dealers. In addition, they carry out repairs and supply container accessories and spares.


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Types of Container

  Length Width Height Volume Max. total weight
20´ Container
Imperial 20´ 8.6´ 1169 ft³ 66139 lb
Metrisch 6.069 2.438 m 2.591 m 331 m³ 30400 kg
40´ Container
Imperial 40´ 8.6´ 2385 ft³ 66139 lb
Metrisch 12.192 m 2.438 m 2.591 m 675 m³ 30400 kg
40´ High-Cube
Imperial 40´ 9.6´ 2694 ft³ 71650 lb
Metrisch 12.192 m 2.438 m 2.896 763 m³ 32500 kg
Imperial 45´ 9.6´ 3040 ft³ 66139 lb
Metrisch 13.716 m 2.438 m 2.896 m 861 m³ 30499 kg