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Kickstart your career in the Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg stands out as one of Germany's most diverse employers. Its workforce comprises logistics experts, shipping specialists, port economists, computer scientists, engineers, and many more, all collaborating to achieve remarkable feats daily. Enrolling in a dual study program in the Port of Hamburg means plunging into the captivating realm of maritime business and logistics right from the outset.

Throughout your academic journey, you'll acquire essential theoretical knowledge at university, which you'll promptly apply within a company! You'll benefit from a robust network and promising career prospects within a vibrant, global setting. Ready to embark on your professional journey with us?

Even though most of our dual study programs are currently only listen in German, many of the featured companies welcome English applications as well. So feel free to check out their contact information and send them your application!

Business Information Systems Specialist

Business Information Systems Specialist


  • Degree in the field of business information systems (or IT, computer science or economics)
  • Alternatively: further training as a business information systems specialist at a technical college


  • Analysing and improving existing IT structures for effectiveness, security and efficiency
  • Adapting software products to meet operational requirements
  • Developing, integrating, supporting and maintaining operational information systems (e.g. software)
  • Planning and consulting with clients and IT specialists
  • Costing, controlling and reporting
  • Building databases and improving data management/archiving
  • Creating web-based information and knowledge management systems

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