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Set sail for your entry into working life

The Port of Hamburg is always on the move. Every day, goods and containers arrive to be shipped around the world or distributed within Europe. In this way, the port supplies around 450 million people in Europe. It's an important mission, and you can be a part of it! Whether you're drawn to the sea or prefer the buzz of land-based work in a dynamic environment, (maritime) logistics has the perfect training for you. You'll not only learn the necessary skills, but also gain practical experience to kick-start your career in the industry.

It doesn't matter if you have A levels or other qualifications: With us, it's the person, not the paper, that counts. We're here to support you and nurture your strengths so you can kickstart your career successfully. So, are you ready to come aboard?

Even though most of our apprenticeships are currently only listen in German, many of the featured companies welcome English applications as well. So feel free to check out their contact information and send them your application!

Forwarding and Logistics Services Clerk

Forwarding and Logistics Services Clerk


  • Completion of training as forwarding and logistics services clerk


  • Organising national and international freight transport
  • Coordinating of the shipping, handling and storage of goods of all kinds
  • Supervising the co-operation of all parties involved in the logistics chain (e.g. shipper, shipping company, warehouse operator, end customer, etc.)
  • Drafting schedules and selecting means of transport/procedures
  • Drawing up contracts and quotations and calculating prices
  • Handling complaints

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