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How about a little more? Breakbulk Port of Hamburg

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    26 May 2021

How about a little more? Breakbulk Port of Hamburg

  • As a multipurpose port, the Port of Hamburg thrives on its diversity. It offers a large variety of different terminals: 4 container terminals, 3 cruise terminals, 31 bulk terminals and 7 general cargo terminals. The breakbulk cluster is one of the hidden champions of the Port of Hamburg with a high value-added depth as well as employment impact.

    What are the requirements of the loading industry for the terminals in Hamburg? How is the port railroad positioned for hinterland transport of heavy cargo? What developments are there in the breakbulk industry?

    These and other exciting questions will be discussed live.

  • Eric Hein

  • Petra Cardinal

  • Hubertus Ritzke

  • Daniel Mansholt

  • Axel Mattern