Digitalisation as a Key Factor for Success: Port of Hamburg on course

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    29 Sep 2021
    • 09/29/2021, 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.

    • Processing of ships in the port requires the involvement of a large number of personnel. Simultaneously, increasing traffic flows demand fast communication as well as efficient process operations. The Port of Hamburg sees itself as a pacemaker and pioneer in the field of digitalisation. Numerous digital technologies and digital innovations are being developed in the Port of Hamburg at the moment.

      How does state-of-the-art technology control traffic flows in the Port of Hamburg? What role does digitalisation play in Hamburg's terminals? How is digitalisation changing daily work and what new trends are emerging?

      We cordially invite you to join our online event where these pressing issues will be discussed. The discussion will be hold in German and simultaneously translated into English.

    • Speakers

    • Gerald Hirt

      HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center
    • Dieter Spark

    • Harald Kreft

      HPA Hamburg Port Authority
    • Sven Daniels

      HPC Hamburg Port Consulting
    • Mathias Schulz (Moderation)

      Port of Hamburg Marketing