Container Depots

Empty container depots as an interface for transport flows

Empty container depots inspect, repair, clean, assess and store containers for shipping companies and leasing firms. These depots form the link between handling terminals, packers and the shippers in the  Metropolitan Region and the hinterland. Their central location in the port gives such depots a special role. The Port of Hamburg’s excellent transport links by all forms of carrier offer ideal conditions for using it as the point of departure for positioning empty containers, both in the hinterland and by sea to any centre in the world.


    • Container Depot
    • Container Depot
    • Hafen TV: Leercontainerlogistik
    • Hafen TV: Leercontainerlogistik

Richtlinie zur Beförderung beschädigter Leercontainer



Container Depots

Container Depots

Depot Opening Hours Transport Connection Size
  Mo-Fr. Sa-Su. Legal Holiday Street Train Barge Size Max. Storing Capacity
Braun 07.00-17.00 On Appointment On Appointment Yes No No 12000 750
CDR 07.00-19.00 Closed Closed Yes No No 15400 1600
CMR 06.00-18.00 On Appointment On Appointment Yes Yes No 85000 8500
DCP07.00-19.00On AppointmentOn Appointment Yes No No 70000 6000
HCCR 06.00-22.30 On Appointment On Appointment Yes Yes Yes 145000 12000
HCS 06.00-20.30 On Appointment Closed Yes Yes Yes 120000 13000
Medrepair 06.00-20.00 Closed Closed Yes No No 50000 5500
PROGECO 06.00-22.00 On Appointment On Appointment Yes Yes Yes 65000 10000
REXIN 07:00-18:00 Closed Closed Yes No No 40000 2800
REMAIN 06.00-19.00 On Appointment On Appointment Yes Yes No 380000 32000
UCS 07:00-20:00 On Appointment Geschlossen Yes Yes Planed 63000 12.465
Unitainer 06:30-18:00ClosedOn Appointment Yes No No320003500
WCS 08.00-17.00ClosedClosed Yes No No114002000