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Cradle of cruise shipping

The Port of Hamburg is a leading centre for cruise shipping. Here passenger vessels were already being despatched on winter pleasure cruises by Albert Ballin, HAPAG's Director-General, back in the late19th century. Then in 1899 Ballin awarded the first contract for a purpose-built cruise ship to Hamburg shipyard Blohm & Voss. The 'Prinzessin Victoria Luise' was the world's first officially classified 'cruise ship'. Today, annual added value derived from the cruise industry has reached around 270 million euros, and the trend is still upwards. In 2014 Hamburg cruise terminals handled 189 cruise ships and 590,000 passengers at the two cruise terminals in HafenCity and Altona. A third cruise terminal is due to open in mid-2015 at Kronprinzkai in Steinwerder.

  • Hafen Hamburg: FAQ an Peter Pickhuben

    Frequently asked questions to Peter Pickhuben

  • Is luggage storage available at the Cruise Center?

    No, unfortunately there is no left-luggage office there.

  • Where can I buy used containers?

    You can find suppliers here.

  • What is project cargo?

    Project cargo is especially large or bulky cargo that cannot be transported in a container. Examples are parts of cranes or wind power stations, turbines, or ship propellers.

  • What is a TSS (German: VTG)?

    In order to avoid collisions in busy sea-lanes, separate ship traffic lanes are stipulated in a traffic separation scheme (TSS), which works like the lanes of a highway.

  • Who invented the container?

    In 1956, the American freight forwarder Malcolm McLean first transported goods in steel boxes by lorries and ships.