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Cradle of cruise shipping

The Port of Hamburg is a leading centre for cruise shipping. Here passenger vessels were already being despatched on winter pleasure cruises by Albert Ballin, HAPAG’s Director-General, back in the late19th century. Then in 1899 Ballin awarded the first contract for a purpose-built cruise ship to Hamburg shipyard Blohm & Voss. The “Prinzessin Victoria Luise” was the world’s first officially classified ‘cruise ship’. Today, annual added value derived from the cruise industry has reached around 270 million euros, and the trend is still upwards. In 2014 Hamburg cruise terminals handled 156 cruise ships and 525,000 passengers.

  • Institution in cruise business Hamburg

  • Hamburg Cruise Center (HCC)

    Hamburg Cruise Center has boosted the Hanseatic City of Hamburg as a cruise base since 1998. HCC has propelled cruising’s economic significance farther into the forefront of public, media and political awareness. This association additionally represents the interests of over 100 members from the cruise industry. Internationally, Hamburg Cruise Center is seen as exemplifying best practice for successfully marketing the city as a cruise base and destination with shipping lines.
  • Cruise Net Hamburg

    Hamburg’s state government launched the Cruise Net Hamburg initiative to plan and implement Hamburg’s further development as a cruise centre, as well as related activities. The city and private enterprise cooperate closely in this initiative, which enjoys backing from the Cruise Shipping Coordination department of the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation, as well as Hamburg Cruise Center. Their joint aims are to improve local networking among companies associated with the industry, to further promote sustainable cruise shipping and to increase added value generated by tourism.
  • Cruise Gate Hamburg (CGH)

    Terminal operator Cruise Gate Hamburg (CGH) was launched as a joint venture by the Hamburg Port Authority and Hamburg Airport in September 2014. As the umbrella company, it is responsible for organizing and coordinating smooth operation and marketing of all terminals in Hamburg as a cruise hub. Operating the three cruise terminals in Altona, HafenCity and Steinwerder as well as the “Überseebrücke” berth at St. Pauli Landing Stages, CGH is the central point of contact for cruise shipping companies, among other things for allocating berths. The firm’s basic aim is to guarantee transparent “Cruise shipping from one source”.
  • Hamburg Tourismus (HHT)

    Hamburg Tourism markets Hamburg as a tourist destination both in Germany and internationally. The company also functions as a tour operator specializing in Hamburg packages. HHT cooperates with the cruise industry in developing pre- and post-cruise arrangements that enable passengers to extend their trips in Hamburg. HHT also creates shore excursions in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and provides advice for the cruise industry.
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  • Is luggage storage available at the Cruise Center?

    No, unfortunately there is no left-luggage office there.