Information about the Corona virus – COVID-19

    Currently, a lot of questions reach us on the impact of COVID-19 on the Port of Hamburg and the supply chain with the hinterland / inland. We would like to provide you with information on current developments and also recommend the Hashtag #CoronaHH and for further information.

  • (only german language) Wie sehr trifft den Hamburger Hafen die Krise?

    Hamburg Journal | 23.03.2020 19:30 Uhr

    Stockt der Warenverkehr wegen der Corona-Krise im Hafen und laufen künftig weniger Containerschiffe Hamburg an? Axel Mattern, Vorstand von Hafen Hamburg Marketing, im Gespräch.

  • News from maritime business

    Publication of the Annual Report 2019: HHLA expects strong decrease in earnings due to 2020 coronavirus pandemic
    Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) can look back on a successful financial year 2019. Despite a significant deterioration in the market environment especially in the second half of the year, Group revenue increased by 7.1 percent ...
    HHLA CEO: Steady operation in the ports guaranteed
    The supply of the population and companies with cargo and goods via the terminal facilities of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is ensured, regardless of the measures in force to protect against the spread of the corona virus.
    Coronavirus – Port of Hamburg remains in service
    The Port of Hamburg, and especially the HPA, accepts its responsibility and makes it a top priority for our port to remain fully operational in the best interest of the population.
    Customer Information from Erurogate: MEASURES AGAINST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC
    Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

    The coronavirus has now reached Germany, and it can be assumed that despite the measures taken to date, the number of infections will continue to climb. This makes it more important than ever for us to inform you about the current situation at Germany’s EUROGATE terminals. ...
  • News from the regions

    The Czech Republic is drawing up plans for the recovery of the economy
    Our colleague Vladimir Dobos, from our representative office in Prague, explains the developments in the Czech Republic in the wake of the Corona crisis. The Czech Republic requires a highly productive port to handle most of its exports and imports and therefore uses the Port of Hamburg. ...
    Poland: Container shipping and rail transport nearly as planned
    Poland is an important market for the port of Hamburg. By barge, train and truck, it is well-connected to Hamburg. In 2019, Poland was Hamburg’s 10th most important trading partner for seaborne container volume, with more than 200.000 TEU. ...
    The southern German economy is hit particularly hard by Corona
    As Federal States with high export volumes, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are particularly affected by the ramifications of the Corona virus. The industry in Bavaria ...
    Swiss economy expected to enter a recession
    Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus. Economists expect a recession and a decline in gross domestic product (GDP) of up to 3 % instead of a previously estimated growth of 1.3 %. According to BAK ...
    India intensifies measures to combat COVID-19
    Hamburg is one of Europe’s leading ports for India’s growing foreign trade market. Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) together with other partners from the Hanseatic City has been managing the Hamburg Representative Office Mumbai since 2011. We asked our colleagues Peter Deubet and Lea Miram ...
    Life in Hong Kong almost back to normal
    It may be hard to believe, but Anne Thiesen, Head of the Port of Hamburg Representation in Hong Kong, reports that the corona epidemic has been successfully contained and that control measures are exemplary. ...
    Austria: Less volume expected in import and export; CT terminals remain open
    Hamburg has been the most important port for Austrian industry in terms of containerised transport for over 30 years. The Hanseatic city is optimally connected to the Austrian economy by rail and links it with markets all over the world. ...
    Freight traffic with Czech Republic still without major disruptions despite COVID-19
    Our colleague Vladimir Dobos, Head of the Port of Hamburg Representative Office Czech Republic, reports on the corona crisis and how it effects the Czech market, which is a major Hinterland market for the Port of Hamburg. 
    Hungarian economy hit hard by coronavirus
    On March 17th, Hungary also closed its national borders to passenger traffic. Transport of goods is not affected. In transit traffic, trucks are only allowed to drive on specified routes and assigned rest areas and petrol stations.
    China promotes return to normality - Slow recovery despite transport restrictions
    Our colleague and head of the Port of Hamburg Representative Office in Shanghai, Pan Hua, outlines the current situation regarding China’s transport economy and provides up-to-date ...
    Russia: Current effects of the coronavirus
    The Russian Federation is one of the most important trading partners for the port of Hamburg and accounts for most of the container traffic of the Port of Hamburg in the Baltic Sea region.
    Coronavirus causes bottlenecks in foreign trade in central- and eastern Germany
    Eastern Germany is characterised by a heterogeneous economy. Not only goods from the chemical-, mining-, mechanical engineering- and automotive sectors are exported, but also agricultural- and forestry goods. Both, major companies and successful medium-sized enterprises, are active in this market. They are making an important contribution ...
  • More News

    Toilet paper won’t run out in Germany
    Since the beginning of March, empty shelves without toilet paper is common occurrence in German supermarkets as worried shoppers buy up the essential household item. Even the Dutch prime minister was asked ...
    Supply of Empty Containers is Assured
    In the last few days media have reported about bottlenecks in the supply of empty containers. Generally, these referred to the Container Availability Index (CAx) published by the firm xChange. ...
    COVID-19: The CMA CGM Group keeps you informed on the situation
    The current COVID-19 Outbreak is affecting the whole supply chain worldwide, raising potential major challenges.
    COVID-19: CMA CGM Group Activity Continuity

    The CMA CGM Group is monitoring closely Covid-19 situation all over the world, which is evolving fast in some countries.

    While the situation is improving in Asia, especially China, new measures have been taken in some other places to protect the health of our staff.

  • News der Stadt Hamburg

Finacial Aid

  • Financial aid for Companies

  • Finacial aid for Hamburg based companies

HHM / Dietmar Hasenpusch

Exceptions to Sunday driving bans (only in german language)

    All federal states meanwhile met the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's (BMVI) request to relax the Sunday driving ban for trucks. This is thought to not only safeguard the food supply, but also the supply of other goods.


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National and international regulations for cargo transport

  • Albania - Moldova

  • Mongolei- Weißrussland

Live-Daten zu Wartezeiten an Grenzübergängen

    Faced with the Corona crisis, most European countries have closed their borders. However, the EU intends on taking new measures to ensure that the movement of goods can continue as unimpeded as possible and that the European domestic market is supplied. These measures are imperative, as there are currently traffic jams at national borders causing delays in the supply chain.

    In order to provide the affected truck drivers and commuters with the best possible information, the software provider Sixfold now offers a platform that uses anonymised telematics data to provide details on waiting times at the borders.

    For the port of Hamburg in particular, hinterland traffic, most of which is rail-based and congestion-free over long distances, is an elementary part of the logistics chain. Thanks to the new online service, a number of shippers and transportation companies can now provide information about the congestion situation and keep a better eye on freight traffic.

    This is a temporary service provided by Sixfold