Cooperation Projects

Together with members and partners from science, business and administration Port of Hamburg Marketing successfully takes part in tenders for EU- and nationally funded project. Focus is put on current issues of transport policy, transport and process optimisation as well as modal shift actions towards more environmental friendly modes. So that for example international marketing strategies are developed or sustainable transport concepts in cabotage and hinterland traffic area are designed. The members of the association have thereby the chance to establish international business relations or expand them. Currently running projects among others are:



The Baltic Sea Region and its insufficient road- and rail infrastructure needs innovative and pragmatic solutions to cope with future transport requirements.
Rivers, canals and also the Baltic Sea have huge capacity reserves, whereas road and rail infrastructure already is overloaded in some parts of the Baltic Sea Region.
The INTERREG BSRP Project EMMA will:
  • Tackle the challenges & opportunities focusing on inland- & river-sea shipping
  • Increase the modal share of inland- & river-sea shipping: to, from & between BSR countries.
  • Foster a better integration of inland- & river-sea shipping in the BSR transport chains and EU Strategy for the BSR..



The Baltic Sea Region Project „Capitalising on TEN-T core network corridors for growth and cohesion (TENTacle)“ builds upon the TEN-T transport infrastructure network set out by the EU to remove bottlenecks and to strengthen the internal market. TENTacle focusses on sustainable growth and territorial cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. The central question of the project therefore is how Action Plans can be developed that equally consider the positive (connection to new corridor- or logistics networks), or negative (traffic shifts) effects for the varios regions (directly on-, tangent to-, or remote to the corridor).



The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Project "North Sea Baltic Connector of Regions (NSB CoRe)“ promotes a sustainable transport accessibility oft he eastern Baltic Sea States (Poland and Baltic States) with Northern Europe.  The passenger and cargo traffic is thereby equally considered. The goal is to better connect the eastern Baltic Sea area with its riparian regions and access routes, which often include peripheral and border areas, with the TEN-T core network corridor „North Sea - Baltic.“



SWIFTLY Green (Sweden-Italy Freight Transport and Logistics Green Corridor) is a European project aiming to develop a toolbox for green corridors.
The toolbox will consist of guidelines, tools and recommendations for greening of logistics and transport by reducing emissions.
It will be based on best practice and transferable results from a thorough mapping and analysis of previous and on-going projects.



The Business to Motorways of the Sea (B2MOS) global project aims to provide a suitable array of measures in order for ports to become efficient gateways for short sea shipping in order to compete on more door-to-door corridors and facilitate the development of TEN-T Motorways of the Sea network connecting Europe.