Vopak Dupeg Terminal Hamburg GmbH



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    Vopak Dupeg Terminal Hamburg GmbH
    Site Neuhof

    Alter Rethedamm 2
    21107 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 40 751960
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    Languages: English, German

  • Company Profil

    The Vopak Dupeg Terminal Hamburg is a 100 percent subsidiary of the world-wide leading provider of storage and handling of liquid mineral oil products, Koninklijke Vopak NV (Royal Vopak, Netherlands). The company, with a storage capacity of 700,000 cbm is primarily used for storing mineral oil products. Situated directly in the Port of Hamburg it has five bridges for ocean-going ships and tanker barges. In addition numerous road tankers and tank waggons on block trains are loaded and discharged. A pipeline links the terminal to two adjacent refineries. Along with the storage facilities available the terminal also offers specialised handling equipment and access to the neighbouring road and rail network. The terminal provides storage and handling for liquid mineral oil, biofuels and vegetable oil. Significant activities include not only storage and handling but also heating, blending and applying additives to the products as well as other individual extra services.
  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Inland waterway vessel
    • Ocean-going ship
    • Rail
    • Truck
      Commodities liquid bulk
    • Crude oil
    • Destilates
    • Fuels
  • Warehousing

    No. of tanks: 170

    Total capacity (tank farm): 680000tons

  • Handling

    Length of quay: 250 m

    Jetties: 5

    • Max. depth vessel: 12.5 m