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    TRANSPORTWERK Magdeburger Hafen GmbH

    Saalestr. 20

    Phone:+49 391 59 39 0
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    Company founded:1992


    Languages:German, English

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    Magdeburg – the Euro Port situated at the Waterway Cross As a result of the construction of the „Low Water Lock“ the main part of the Port of Magdeburg provides a water depth of 4,00 m at 365 days / year Main Areas of Activity traditional port activities - load/discharge, storage, distribution logistical and forwarding services, combination with other transport modes (multi modality), integrated transport solutions real estate, industrial settlements, marketing of the economic area, management of infrastructure 3 port sections, consisting of: - Hansehafen + - Kanalhafen with Trennungsdamm, Hafenbecken I and II - Industriehafen Port-relevant area approx. 625 hectares Approx. 115 hectares area for development Quay length 6753 m 6 cranes up to 50 t lifting capacity Multimodal-/Containerterminal at Hansehafen / Hanse-Terminal with Gantry crane and Reachstacker Facility for sugar storage, -handling and -bagging 8180 m² covered storage 172500 m² paved area for open-storage Truck scales up to 50 t Port railway network with own locomotive and railcars 54 km rail tracks Public railcar-scale up to 120 t
  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Truck
    • Inland waterway vessel
    • Rail
      Commodities liquid bulk
    • Crude oil
    • Green fuel
  • Handling

    Length of quay:1259 m