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    Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd.

    358 East Daming Road

    200080 Shanghai


    Phone: +8621 55333388

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    Languages: German, Chinese, English

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    Shanghai lies in the middle of the coast of China that stretches for 18,000 kilometres, in the Yangtze delta, just 20 kilometres South of the Yangtze-Kiang estuary on the Sea of China. The Yangtze-Kiang is China’s longest river, the world’s deepest and third longest, and also the country’s most important waterway. Measured in TEU, China possessed seven of the world’s Top 15 container ports in 2009. The Port of Shanghai with throughput of 25 million TEU took second place, followed by Hong Kong and the Shenzhen ports, the latter also being partner ports of Hamburg. The port consists of six facilities, with the Port of Pudong alone consisting of another five. The Shanghai port on mainland China has a draft of no more than 11 metres. A deepsea port is therefore being built 50 kilometres off the coast of Shanghai to accept the largest containerships from anywhere in the world. This is linked to the mainland by a bridge approx. 30 kilometres long, a six-lane autobahn and rapid transit rail. In the 2020 the Port of Shanghai should be the world’s largest. The main business of the port will be container handling. Three areas of the port with altogether six terminals have been earmarked for this. The Port of Shanghai and the Port of Hamburg have been partner ports since 10 May 2004. The goal of this partnership is to expand goods traffic between China and Europe, with the focus on stronger cooperation and exchange in the field of vocational and further training, as well as in the fields of port planning, administration and construction, and IT.