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    Schwarze & Consort. GmbH

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    Within and outside the Freeport, this Hamburg-based family business has over 100,000 m2 of shed storage space, 20,000 m2 of covered storage space and 200,000 m2 of open-air space. All warehouses have a rail link. Around 34,000 barcoded pallet spaces are available in data-radio-controlled high-rack warehousing. Schwarze & Consort is a registered warehouse keeper for the storage of coffee beans on the commodity futures exchanges in London and New York. In addition, the firm holds the German BIO certification. Sophisticated GMP storage logistics, seaworthy and air freight packing, handling of bulky crates, etc., as well as large ground conveyors for the storage including packed containers and equipment for storing and handling of bulk goods are also available. Overview of services Storage Foodstuffs, coffee beans, sugar, tea, pharmaceutical raw materials, forestry products, industrial sewing machines, automotive components, pyrotechnical products, electrical goods and other customary port goods.   Handling/packing Import and export containers receive expert handling and are packed precisely on schedule.   Packing Automotive, electronic and machinery parts are packed for export to the latest standards. Each type of goods is given the optimal packaging for air- or sea-transport and is stored as appropriate.   Documentation Customs clearance for imports and exports, also for ‘bio’ goods, completion of all the required documentation.