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    SACO Shipping GmbH

    Wollkämmereistraße 1

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    Company founded:1988


    Languages:German, English

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    SACO Shipping GmbH - at home on the high seas!!!

    NVOCC Services, Export and Import, for 30 years


    SACO Shipping - with its Headquarters in Hamburg and branches in Bremen, Duisburg, Vienna, Basel, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, was founded in 1988.
    The company has remained in private hands and is run by its owners Andrea Briks and Harald Pahl.

    As a neutral NVOCC service provider with a worldwide network of agents, SACO Shipping unites countries and markets, meeting  your requirements on  multimodal  levels with practically all methods of transport.

    SACO Shipping has over the years expanded its services to South America and is today represented in: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. SACO recently added new locations to the brand and has also locations on the African Continent: Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania.

    SACO can also be found in Antwerp, Rotterdam and in the United Arab Emirates under the title SSC Consolidation.

    SACO has been a member of the World Wide Alliance (WWA) since 2007. The amalgamation of this global network has rendered possible an LCL export portfolio to more than 2300 destinations, offered by 18 Leading NVOCC organisations in 72 countries.

    SACO Shipping maintains the high standard you and your clientele anticipate in alliance and close collaboration with most of the allegedly strongest consolidators around the world. In collaboration with these associates, SACO can offer you today a portfolio of some 190 direct services complemented by another 400 further services in transshipment every week.

    On the import side, SACO functions as receiving and transit agent for the worldwide network of agents and partners and currently offers its customers 85 direct services as well as over 200 comprehensive  import services  for transshipment. After successful unloading at each handling terminal, further  national and international consolidation transport is available.
    SACO is also your competent, neutral partner for worldwide import and export in the FCL full container sector. Use this flexibility  and neutrality for the transportation of your goods.

    SACO's office premises are equipped to the most modern technical standards and software especially designed for SACO ensures a speedy and accurate handling of your cargo.
    SACO's excellent reputation is based on our qualified and highly motivated staff and is enhanced by our progressive and innovative information system.
    This continuity, added to our personal touch and a relationship between our employees, customers and agent’s which is based on mutual trust, has resulted in making SACO Shipping one of the largest owner-operated NVOCCs in Europe.