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    Port of Hamburg’s cooperation with Port of Gothenburg has been in effect since 2015. Almost 30 percent of Swedish foreign trade passes through Gothenburg, making it the largest sea port in Scandinavia. In 2015, the Swedish port handled a total throughput of 800,000 TEU. Gothenburg offers a wide range of routes, with traffic to over 130 destinations throughout the world. There are, for example, direct routes to the USA, Middle East, Northern Africa, India and Asia. As of today, there are seven liner services between the ports of Hamburg and Gothenburg.
    Port of Gothenburg is also the only port in Sweden with the capacity to receive the largest ocean-going container vessels. At Port of Gothenburg, there are terminals for container, cars and other RORO cargo, oil and other energy products as well as passengers. Most cargo is handled via the 80 hectare APM Terminal Gothenburg.
    Around 70 freight trains operate to and from the port each day. Of these, 25 are daily container shuttles linking towns and cities throughout the whole of Sweden and Norway to the port.