Port and Harbor Bureau, City of Yokohama



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  • Address

    Port and Harbor Bureau, City of Yokohama

    2 Yamashita-cho

    231-0023 Yokohama


    Phone: +45 671 7188

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    Languages: Japanese, English

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    Yokohama lies in the NW part of the Bay of Tokyo in Japan. Yokohama’s port partnership with Port of Hamburg was sealed on 27 October 1992 and is accordingly the Port of Hamburg’s earliest. Cooperation is based on a regular exchange of technical staff. A delegation from Yokohama visited the Port of Hamburg in 2008. In the other direction, the Managing Director of the Hamburg Port Authority visited the Port of Yokohama to convey congratulations on its 150th anniversary and to deliver a lecture. The next trainees from Yokohama were due in Hamburg in November 2010. The Port of Yokohama possesses three piers with a total of 17 berths. The main goods for export are complete cars plus automotive parts and machinery. Imports consist very largely of agricultural products, machinery and raw materials. At the same time, the port constitutes Yokohama’s chief sightseeing attraction. In 2009 around 2,600 TEU were handled via Yokohama.