OT Logistics S.A.


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    OT Logistics S.A.

    ul. Zbożowa 4
    70-653 Szczecin

    Phone: +48 91 42 57 300
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    OT Logistics Group is a Polish company with over 70 years of experience. It is the largest port operator in Poland and the southern Baltic and the leader in the inland waterway transport from Kaliningrad, Russia to ports in Germany and the Netherlands. The Group comprises companies specialised in road, rail shipping, forwarding and logistics. OT Logistics S.A. is also the largest industry shareholder in the seaport of Luka Rijeka in Croatia. The OT Logistics Group comprises more than 20 companies providing freight, sea, rail, road and air forwarding services, cargo handling in ports and inland terminals as well as inland waterway transport.

    Since 2013 we have been a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Our main shareholders are pension funds (Met Life, Allianz) and the Polish I Fundusz Mistral S.A.