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    Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH

    Zum Hafenplatz 1

    Phone:+49 4502 807 0
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    Company founded:1934

    Languages:German, Russian, English

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    Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG) runs the public-sector ports docks in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and is Germany's largest port operator on the Baltic.
    The Port of Lübeck is the most southwesterly transhipment centre on the Baltic and performs as pooling point for the transport corridors between Southern, Western and Central Europe and the Baltic economic area.
    LHG's terminals offer up to 80 departures a week to 20 partner ports around the Baltic and therefore guarantee the highest possible delivery reliability. The most varied types and flows of goods pass through the terminals of LHG, 365 days a year on their way to and from Scandinavia, central and south-west Europe and the Baltic region.
    Alongside its core business, port cargo handling, stowage and warehousing, along with its subsidiaries and affiliates LHG as a modern logistics group offers a broad range of services. LHG network traffic systems on land and water seamlessly. For every customer and every
    Lübeck's strength in that respect consists of its Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) services, or freight in rapid
    transit, rolling on to and off vessels on trucks or shipping units.
    As its second vital mainstay, the Port of Lübeck offers all the advantages of a logistics centre notable for both quality and expertise. That applies especially to such forest products as paper and cellulose. Lübeck is of immense importance as the largest handling and distribution centre in Europe for the
    Swedish and Finnish paper industry.
    In the vehicle loading sector LHG Terminals have been successfully audited by many of the major manufacturers. LHG (un)load over 20 different well-known makes of vehicle. The fenced, clean, CCTV monitored terminal areas especially for vehicle handling, making the LHG very flexible. 

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    24/7 terminal operations

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      Dry Cargo
    • Total area dry cargo:270000sqm
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    Crane capacity:100tons

      Container Terminal
    • Gantry crane, max capacity:55tons