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    Louis Hagel GmbH & Co. KG

    Eversween 19

    Phone:+49 40 751651
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    Languages:German, English

  • Company Profil

    The oldest company in the Port of Hamburg, Louis Hagel today has a bulk loader and a 12 ton articulated-jib luffing crane, newly in operation, for loading and discharging from ocean-going and inland waterway vessels up to 200-metres-long. In three sheds mass dry bulk such as fertiliser, salt and other dry bulk can be stored. Two truck loading bays and load and discharge facilities for freight trains make diverse and flexible goods handling possible.
  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Ocean-going ship
    • Truck
    • Inland waterway vessel
    • Rail
      Measuring equipment
    • Weighing equipment
      Security norms
    • ISPS
      Transport systems / handling equipment
    • Stacker:2
  • Commodities

      Raw & preliminary materials
    • Fertilizer
    • Other grab cargo
    • Salt
  • Services

      Additional Services
    • Break Bulk
    • Sampling
    • Weighing
  • Warehousing

      Storage Systems
    • Covered storage
    • Silo
  • Warehouse Capacities

      Dry Cargo
    • Maximum floor load:5.5tons/sqm
    • Total area dry cargo:6500sqm
  • Handling

    No. of quays:2

    Length of quay:300 m

    Crane / mobile crane:1 sqm

    • Max. length vessel:300 m
    • Max. depth vessel:11 m
      Dry bulk handling
    • Conveyor systems:1
    • Ship loader:1
    • Ship loader capacity:600tons/hour
    • Ship discharger:1
    • Ship discharger capacity:600tons/hour
    • Hopper for direct transshipment truck/ship:1
    • No of rails:2
    • Track length:506 m