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    LEGION Cargo GmbH

    Ludwig-Suhl-Ring 32
    23556 Lübeck

    Phone: +49 176 842 948 09
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    The International Transport Company Legion is one of the largest holdings in the field of organizing international transportation and convoying oversized, heavy-weight and project cargoes. We operate on the ter ritory of Western and Eastern Europe, CIS countries and in Central Asia. The main activities of our company include: Organizing transportation of: oversized, heavy-weight and project cargoes; cargo transportation by standard transport facilities; dangerous goods and cargoes requiring special transportation conditions; assorted lading; valuable cargoes including those under customs control; Services of convoying oversized and heavy-weight cargoes: escorting vehicle (pilot): special pilot (an experiment of the Road Safety Provision Department of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs); vehicle of Road Patrol Service / Road Safety State Inspection; Preparation and obtaining of the required documentation: permits for transportation of oversized and heavy-weight cargoes; drawing up of projects for the passage of oversized and heavy-weight cargoes technical statements on the route condition and possibility of passage of oversized and heavy-weight cargoes; route inspection; We guarantee the accurate and prompt fulfillment of all objectives set. When working with us, your business will always be one step ahead! Here you find further information company profile