Kaohsiung Harbour Bureau



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    Kaohsiung Harbour Bureau

    No.62.Linhai 2nd Road, Gushan District



    Phone: +886 7 5612311

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    Languages: German, English

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    Handling 8.6 million TEU, in 2009 the Port of Kaohsiung took twelfth place among the world’s Top 15 container ports. It is the largest international port on Taiwan and lies on the SW coast of the country. The Port of Kaohsiung possesses five container terminals along its 12-kilometre coastline. There are important links with Rotterdam, San Francisco, Hamburg and Vancouver. Kaohsiung is a significant transit port for Taiwan. The main imports via the port are chemical products, machinery and plant. Among exports are finished goods, and also machinery and plant, automotive parts, clothing and electrical products. On goods traffic with Hamburg, conventional general cargo handling deserves special mention.