Hafenmuseum Hamburg/PEKING



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    Hafenmuseum Hamburg/PEKING

    Australiastraße, Kopfbau des Schuppens 50 A

    Phone:+49 40 730 911 84
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    Languages:German, English

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    At the Hafenmuseum Hamburg houses the maritime parts of the collection of the Museum der Arbeit and, in cooperation with the foundation “Hamburg Maritime”, visitors are given an in-depth look into the history of seafaring and the harbor in Hamburg.

    The collection is right at the heart of present-day harbour activity and is explained to you by experts.

    On display are the historical dockside shed 50A with the viewable storage area as well as large exhibits on land and sea, such as a dry cargo vessel, quayside cranes, van carriers or a floating steam crane. At the head-end structure are the coffee shop “Kaffeeklappe” and the museum shop “Zampelbündel”.