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  • Address

    H.D.Cotterell GmbH & Co. KG

    Ellerholzdamm 38

    Phone:+49 40 317 875 0
  • Company Details

    Company founded:1890


    Languages:German, English

      ISO Standards
    • ISO 9001
  • Company Profil

    H.D. Cotterell has been a family-run warehousing company in the Port of Hamburg for 120 years. A team of more than 65 well skilled, competent and experienced look after the international clientele on approx. 90,000 m² storage area within and outside the Freeport. H.D. Cotterell stores mainly natural commodities such as cocoa, dried fruits, spices and rubber. The core competences are warehousing, forwarding, quality control and customs clearance. As the first independent service provider for the confectionery industry in Germany H.D. Cotterell is melting cocoa liquor since April 2010. H.D. Cotterell provides annual training courses for businessmen / -women in freight forwarding and logistics services and port logistics specialists. Overview of services The company’s aim is to do total service to its customers’ needs and the specific requirements of their goods with their competent team. Three-shift working is the norm to achieve this. Core expertise Warehousing Quality Management Forwarding Customs clearance  

  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Truck
    • Inland waterway vessel
      Measuring equipment
    • Humidity
    • Weighing equipment
      Security norms
    • AEO
      Transport systems / handling equipment
    • Stacker:36
    • Stacker Capacity:8 tons
  • Commodities

    • Cocoa
    • Coffee
    • Dried fruit
    • Spices
  • Services

      Custom Services
    • Fiscal representation
    • Import and Export clearance
      Additional Services
    • Quality inspection
    • Customs export clearance
    • Inspection
    • Customs presentation
    • Custom import registration
    • Custom export customs registration
    • Counting
    • Weighing
    • Stowing
    • Sampling
    • Foodstuff storage
    • Container discharge/stripping
  • Warehousing

      Storage Systems
    • Ramp storage
    • Pallet storage
      Warehouse Management Systems
    • WMS avaiable
      Fire Systems
    • Fire sprinkling system
    • Fire protection wall
    • Smoke alarm
  • Warehouse Capacities

      Dry Cargo
    • Maximum floor load:5tons/sqm
    • Total area dry cargo:120000sqm
      Bonded warehouse
    • Maximum floor load (bonded warehouse):5tons/sqm
    • Total area bonded warehouse:120000sqm
  • Handling

    No. of quays:1

    Length of quay:237 m

    • Max. depth vessel:4.5 m
      Dry bulk handling
    • Conveyor systems:1