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  • Address

    Port of Bronka

    ul. Krasnogo Tekstilshika 17
    191124 St. Petersburg

    Phone: +7 812 3092143
  • Company Details

    Company founded: 2008

  • Company Profil

    The new deep-water Port of Bronka on the outskirts of St. Petersburg and on the southern bank of the Gulf of Finland has been built near the municipality of Lomonossov. The first stage of construction of the new multifunctional port commenced operations in September 2015.
    The multifunctional handling facility comprises terminals for handling container and RoRo cargo, along with a logistics center for packing and warehousing services.
    Covering a total of 107 hectares, the container terminal offers five berths on quays extending for 1,176 meters. With a quay length of 630 meters sufficient to permit handling of three vessels simultaneously, the RoRo terminal covers 57 hectares. On completion of the first stage of construction, annual handling capacity is in total 1.45 million TEU at the container terminal and 260,000 units at the RoRo terminal.
    Fenix LLC, a subsidiary of Forum Holding Company, was established in 2007 especially for the purpose of managing Port of Bronka. Hamburg already finalized a partnership agreement with the youngest Russian port. As of today, there are two liner services running between the ports. Container traffic between Russia and Hamburg came to 434.000 TEU in 2015. The main goods for export are foodstuff, chemical products, machinery, and plant as well as metals and metal products. Imports consist very largely of coke and refined petroleum products, coal, crude oil, petroleum gas and chemical products.

  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Ocean-going ship
    • Truck
    • Inland waterway vessel
    • Rail
      Security norms
    • ISPS
      Transport systems / handling equipment
    • Stacker: 2
  • Warehousing

      Storage Systems
    • Covered storage
  • Warehouse Capacities

      Dry Cargo
    • Total area dry cargo: 8600 sqm
      Outdoor Storage
    • Total area outdoor storage: 1300000 sqm
      Container Yard
    • Reefer connections: 770
  • Handling

    No. of quays: 5

    Length of quay: 1220 m

    Crane / mobile crane: 1 sqm

    Crane capacity: 302 tons

    • Max. length vessel: 320 m
    • Max. width vessel: 51 m
    • Max. depth vessel: 12.8 m
      Container Terminal
    • Gantry crane: 4
    • Van carrier: 10
    • No of rails: 2
    • Rail gantry crane: 4
    • Track length: 1070 m