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  • Address

    Port Bronka

    49, Krasnoflotskoe highway
    191124Lomonosov, Saint-Petersburg

    Phone:+7 812 3092143
  • Company Details

    Company founded:2008

  • Company Profil

    Fenix LLC was established in 2007 for development and operating of Port Bronka.
    Port Bronka and Hafen Hamburg Marketing signed an Agreement of Cooperation in May 2015.
    Operations at the port were launched at the end of 2015. Most modern shore and yard cranes and equipment of Port Bronka makes it unique for handling of containers and all types of Ro-Ro and break bulk cargo, including heavy lifts and project cargo.

    Port Bronka is the only one deep-water terminal in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg. Port Bronka is located in the southwest of Saint-Petersburg, out of urban area. Advantageous location of the port due to direct access to the main city highway – Saint-Petersburg ring-road and short approach channel (13 nautical miles from the entrance buoy) gives additional benefits for the customers. Railway station Bronka is connected to the port by 1,2 km rail tracks.
    Current port capacity: 500 000 TEU and 130 000 units of rolling cargo per year. Port development plan include targets to increase capacity up to 1,9 million TEU and 200 000 units of rolling cargo per year. Railway and warehouse infrastructure development projects implementation will provide an opportunity to increase cargo handling capacity up to 25 million tons by 2022.

    General information

    • Operations on sea, river, road and rail transport.
    • Depth at approach channel and berths – 14,4 m, width – 180 m.
    • Handling of all types of dangerous goods.
    • High productivity, vessels, road and rail transport operations. Fast truck operations: less than one hour from gate in till gate out.
    • Full package of measures for cargo safety.
    • Special lane within gate area (width – 8.2 m, height – 6,5 m) and railway curve radius (over 300 m) allow to operate heavy lift and project cargo.
    • Tugboats are always on duty.

    Warehouse information

    • A class warehouse – 8 600 m2
    • B class warehouse – 3 600 m2
    • Bonded warehouse – 8272 m2
  • General Information

      Modes of Transport (available)
    • Ocean-going ship
    • Truck
    • Inland waterway vessel
    • Rail
      Security norms
    • ISPS
      Transport systems / handling equipment
    • Stacker:2
  • Warehousing

      Storage Systems
    • Covered storage
  • Warehouse Capacities

      Dry Cargo
    • Total area dry cargo:8600sqm
      Outdoor Storage
    • Total area outdoor storage:1300000sqm
      Container Yard
    • Reefer connections:770
  • Handling

    No. of quays:6

    Length of quay:1430 m

    Crane / mobile crane:1 sqm

    Crane capacity:302tons

    • Max. length vessel:347 m
    • Max. width vessel:50 m
    • Max. depth vessel:13 m
      Container Terminal
    • Gantry crane:4
    • Gantry crane, max capacity:65tons
    • Van carrier:10
    • No of rails:3
    • Rail gantry crane:4
    • Track length:1596 m