Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Harburg e.V.


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    Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Harburg e.V.
    DUCKDALBEN international seamen's club

    Zellmannstr. 16
    21129 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 40 740 1661
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    Languages: German, English

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    The work done by seamen’s missions and churches has a long tradition in Hamburg. There are a number of establishments that make sailors far from home feel welcome and offer them cheap accommodation. The German Seamen’s Mission runs three establishments in Hamburg alone: the seamen’s mission homes in Hamburg-Altona and in the city centre and the seamen’s club Duckdalben in Hamburg-Waltershof. In addition, there is a station in Hamburg-Harburg from where on-board services are coordinated. Not far from the Landungsbrücken in central Hamburg is the Catholic Seamen’s Mission Stella Maris. The Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Seamen’s Churches are also located in this area.