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    Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hamburger
    Schiffsbefestiger GmbH & Co. KG

    Bubendeyweg 33
    21129 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 40 31 97 93 0
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    Languages: German, English

      ISO Standards
    • ISO 9001
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    Boatmen® is the cooperative association of four mooring assistance companies operating as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hamburger Schiffsbefestiger GmbH & Co. KG in the Port of Hamburg. We provide professional mooring services to vessels berthing alongside the port’s piles and quays, day and night, no matter the weather conditions.

    In the heart of the port of Hamburg, we start our operations and ensure a safe and smooth process for the mooring and unmooring of all types of boats. Renting our own Yokohama fenders.

    Since 2006, we have played our part in the training of port boatmen. ISO-certificated DIN 9001:2008
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