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    It is the country's main port and one of the most important region, there by become a hub port, with a hinterland far larger than the population of the country, with excellent conditions geographical and a wide range of services to its customers. It is located west of Montevideo Bay, a city that was founded in 1730 and that was their best geographical features conceived as a port early. Its exact location is in the parallel 34 º 54 'and longitude 56 º 12'. Montevideo's population is approximately 1.338 million people. Not However it is a hub port, with more than Hinterland 200 million people. It is located 210 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 1077 kilometers from Asuncion, 700 from Porto Alegre and 2000 from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The city also has near a International airport (Carrasco). The load with which it operates in the port of Montevideo involves both bulk solids, such as cars and containers, the latter being the Most mobilized. The dredging of the port access channel is 12 meters. While two springs multi handle these demonstrations while there is a specialized terminal containers operated since 2001. In the public docks, there is a total quay line of 1,675 meters, while its depth is 10.5 meters and a depth of 10 meters, 21 cranes are operating in them. Belonging to the private operator Montecon in a total of five phones, two Liebherr cranes Post - Panamax LHM 500, two cranes Liebherr - LHM 400 Model 1999/2000 and a crane Gottwald - HMK 280 E Model 2000. While the ANP has a total of 11 cranes: Duro Felguera five three-and six-ton, six Tacraffs (two 40 12.5 tonnes and four). In total there is 90 square meters for operational, including Additional areas and services such as deposits for common goods and refrigerated. TCP containers terminal (Terminal Cuenca del Plata) With 58 hectares for operational areas, nine cranes and technology art, TCP is specialized container terminal the port of Montevideo. The terminal is done loading and unloading of fuel, trucks and trains. Connection services and monitoring of refrigerated containers. There is a reservoir full and empty containers, as well as repair and cleaning of containers, including those who containing dangerous goods (IMO), this being the only one with terminal this type of service. Also provide logistics services and storage, and connecting with the rail system within the terminal. Container Repair Service When empty containers are transported to a warehouse.There the container is reviewed to check for damage and remains tight. In the case of refrigerated containers At this stage we review the cooling system. If these are in good condition are sent to a warehouse, as if they are damaged are repaired before being transferred to it.Logistics services The terminal provides some specific services with significant value added: Consolidation and deconsolidation Labelling Fractionation Semi-industrial processes. Figures Year Container TEU  2005  273.019  454.531  2006  309.047  519.218  2007  352.737  596.487  2008  401.675  675.273  2009  351.067  588.410 2010 405.593 671.952 Year Country Unload General load Container Bulk General load Container Bulk 2005 819.726 2.199.560  879.612  167.571  1.388.819  720.494 2006 1.013.562 2.676.913  1.054.546  238.858  1.687.717  889.202 2007 1.202.471 2.975.186  914.122  295.833  1.876.147  836.504 2008 630.157 3.349.356  1.645.663  337.169  2.314.726  812.987 2009 597.837 3.109.673  915.037  265.331  1.987.133  721.033 2010 554.059 4.064.416 1.686.872 262.679 3.275.583 847.392 Operating on a public berths Nos. 3, 4 and 5 (Muelle Central/Dársena I) and Nos 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Mulle B), the company Montecon S.A. offers the same gate-to-gate services as a proper container terminal receiving both feeder and deepsea vessels. The quays used by Montecon have a total length ok 1.113 meters with a draught of 10.0 meters at zero tide and can accommodate veesels up to 295 meters in length. Operating areas easily accessible from the port’s new North Gate and fully connected with road and rail networks. Mechanical equipment includes: Five mobile harbor cranes ranging in capacity from 100 to 120 tonnes. Four cranes for feeder and barge operations (15 to 40 tonnes). Four rubber tyred gantry cranes. 13 reach stackers Other auxiliary units Over 500 plugs are available for reefer containers. For the future, the company plans to create 35 hectares of storage for empty containers. In 2008 nearly 260.000 teu were handled by Montecon (37 per cent of total container throughput in Montevideo) and productivity averaged 51.2 container moves per vessel per hour. President Ing. Alberto Diaz Phone: (598 2) 1901 2811 Fax: (598) 2916 1704 Mail: Vice President Sr.Juan Jose Dominguez Phone: (598) 1901 2813 Fax:(598) 2916 1809 Mail: Director Dr. Jose Pedro Pollak Phone: (598) 1901 2816 Mail: