Cargo Flows – in the Baltic Sea Region

The dashboard interactively presents Eurostat data on goods flows in the Baltic Sea Region. You have several options available to generate a view that suits you to answer your questions. In general, the dashboard allows you to go from overview to detail quickly and easily. First decide whether you are interested in exports from the BSR or imports into the BSR. Second you also have the option of leaving all means of transport as they are or selecting one or more. Then you can, but do not have to, select individual countries of interest. The map that appears shows the relations between the countries. In the filter menu (Option 4) you can also determine the displayed year for the maps and other graphs as well as make desired selections.  Option 5 allows you to display further statistics. A click on an O-D relation in the second, lower map causes the graphics shown under option 5 to show only values for this relation. The colour intensity and line widths in the dashboard graphics show the ratios of the transported goods quantities.