Bunker & Ship Suppliers

Bunkering and waste disposal services operate 24/7

A call in the Port of Hamburg often involves not just unloading and loading a vessel, but replenishment of its lubricant or fuel reserves. Bunkering services are run either by oil multinationals or independent medium-sized firms. Using special recycling facilities, waste disposal services look after disposal of fuel sludge, ship’s rubbish, waste water and chemicals. 

Bunker ServiceBunker Service

Ample supplies and equipment

Ship suppliers replenish stocks of food and beverages, deck and engine-room equipment, ropes, equipment for tackling emergencies at sea as well as other gear and spare parts for ocean-going ships. Most of them run stock warehouses in the immediate vicinity of the port. There are around 90 ship suppliers and their marine sub-contractors in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Those known as general suppliers can provide the entire range of wares required in shipping – some of them with a range of over 20,000 articles, storage space covering several thousand square metres, and large vehicle fleets.  This enables them to supply vessels very quickly. Some of them can also deliver material required for building or refitting ships in shipyards, or can equip quayside facilities. Other suppliers specialize in specific categories, e.g. dry provisions, meat, sausages or electrical articles. Many of these firms belong to the German Shipsuppliers Association.

Ship SuppliersShip Suppliers