Evos Hamburg GmbH


Evos Hamburg GmbH, which has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Evos BV, the international arm of Igneo Infrastructure Partners, since 1 October 2019, has been offering its services for the storage and handling of liquid petroleum products in Hamburg since 1953.

With a storage capacity of approx. 670,000 cubic metres, which is primarily used for the storage of petroleum products, the company is located directly in the port of Hamburg and has five jetties for seagoing vessels and barges. In addition, trucks and rail cars (block trains) are loaded and unloaded in large numbers.

In addition to the existing storage facilities, the terminal also offers specialised transhipment facilities and access to the road and rail network. The terminal offers the storage and transhipment of liquid mineral oils, biofuels, base oils and vegetable oils.

The main activities include not only storage and transhipment, but also heating, blending or additivation as well as other individual additional services.



Modes of transport (available)

  • Rail
  • Inland waterway vessel
  • Ocean-going ship

Berth information

Max depth12.5 m

Liquid Cargo



Tank Farm / Silo

Total capacity (tank farm)680000 tons


Liquid Bulk

  • Petroleum products

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