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Port of Hamburg Marketing
A strong voice for the Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s largest universal port. Jointly its members, Port of Hamburg Marketing is active worldwide to strengthen its position on the market against international competition. The ports in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region have also found this marketing organization to be a powerful partner for professional marketing of the location. Founded in 1985, for more than 30 years the association has acted with immense success for Hamburg as a port and logistics region. The port now enjoys a positive image worldwide, standing for professionalism, efficiency and innovation.
Its marketing organization is extensively represented both in Germany and internationally. Staff at its representative offices promote the interests of Hamburg and the region’s seaport industry at altogether 13 locations. These experts cultivate good contacts with numerous companies in trade & industry, the transport and logistics sector, trade associations and political decision-makers in the region. Port of Hamburg Marketing brings great dedication and a host of activities to publicizing the port’s attractive location and all-round performance, along with its superb links with its hinterland. In the process, all its activities remain impartial as far as companies and competition go.


    • Port of Hamburg Marketing
    • Port of Hamburg Marketing