marima consult GmbH


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    marima consult GmbH

    Viehhallenweg 6
    21423 Winsen

    Telefon: +49 4171 673 98 22
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    Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

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    "CoMpLeXitY made SIMPLE"

    Since more than 10 years, marima consult provides professional project- and process management services to the transport & logistics industry.

    Rolf Pommer, marima consult's owner & MD: "Our customers engage us if new business critical processes shall be implemented in their organisation. And mostly, technical solutions shall support the new processes. We then do everything from business Analysis over Conception to Implementation. Both, Business and Systems. Reputable companies like Grimaldi Lines, Rickmers-Linie or OPDR could benefit from our expertise."