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    Altenwerder Damm 44
    21129 Hamburg

    Telefon: +49 40 780 100 80
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    Gründungsjahr: 1993

    Sprachen: Deutsch, Russisch, Chinesisch, Englisch

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    CONDACO will provide you with an excellent service all over the world. You have problem with your equipment, your products or any other connections with Container or Tank-container, do not hesitate to contact us.

    All our worldwide activities will be coordinated in our headquarter in Hamburg (HUB).

    With our streamlined computerized know how we are able to meet your requirements in no time almost everywere.

    CONDACO has long time experience in Tank container and reefer container technology and surveying. We have won the confidence of professionals in the Container and Tankcontainer world.

    The chemical industry is part of our customer.

    Safety is CONDACO’s top priority. All our experts are well skilled and in our business for long time.

    CONDACO is attentive to the needs of every customer. Short notice is no problem for us. Each container will be inspected carefully to your and our satisfaction.

    CONDACO operates worldwide for a large number of satisfied major leasing companies, operators and shippers.

  • Allgemeine Informationen

    • LKW
    • Binnenschiff
      Transportsysteme / Umschlagequipment
    • Stapler: 1
    • Kapazität Stapler: 10 tons
  • Güterarten

      Anlagen und Maschinen
    • Fahrzeuge
  • Dienstleistungen

      Container Dienstleistungen
    • Container Reparatur
    • Reefer Service
    • Tankcontainer Services
    • Außenreinigung
    • Third Party Qualitätsprüfungen
    • Materialkontrolle
    • Vor-Kauf-Inspektion
    • Schadensbegutachtung
    • Beratung
      Gutachter Dienstleistungen
    • Produktanalysen
    • Sauberkeitsinspektionen
    • Gefahrgutcontainer Inspektion
    • Gaszustandsmessungen
    • Lade- Löschkontrollen
    • Schadstoffmessungen
    • Container Leasing
    • Handel weltweit
    • Tankcontainer
    • Containerlager
    • Sanitär-Container
    • Seecontainer
    • Container Neukauf
    • Büro-Container
    • Isolier-Container mit oder ohne Kühlaggregat
    • Buyback
    • Container Handel
      Weitere Dienstleistungen
    • Leercontainerservice
    • Containerreinigung
    • Montieren