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Ensuring that the vital statistics add up
  Digital twins help us discern the need for maintenance and repair work on infrastructure and buildings. Weak points are discovered prior to the occurrence of serious damage. Here are some examples from the Port of Hamburg, the German rail network, and the transport and logistics sector.
The Köhlbrand Bridge is a Hamburg landmark and the backbone for industry and transport in the El- be city’s port. With a length of 3.6 kilometres, the structure is suitable for the job, but meanwhile al- so high-maintenance, being almost half a century old, i.e., no longer young. Catering for up to 38,000 vehicles a day, it also has much to cope with. The
diagonal cable bridge has accordingly been given a digital twin. “We have embarked on this pilot scheme in order to tackle problems arising from our operative business,” says Christof Ullerich, the civil engineer who heads the Bridges and Struc- tures Competence Centre for HPA – Hamburg Port Authority.
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