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Reliable data at any time
 Coffee bean specialist NKG Kala uses a digital yard manager. Radio and manually completed lists belong to the past.
For some time NKG Kala Hamburg, a company in
“The business has grown massively down the years and our volume has increased steeply. It became the Neumann Coffee Group, has been using Yard-
obvious to us that we needed to digitalize process- Manager, a software program for professional yard
logistics from MID – Möller industrial services in
es,” remembers Christian Timm, Deputy CEO of the raw coffee specialists. The company started out Hamburg. The aim behind introduction of Yard-
with an introductory version of the software, join- Manager was to become constantly aware of the
whereabouts of each container on site, and who
ing MID programmers in gradually adapting this to NKG Kala requirements. “We now have reliable da- had made each process move and when. Up to
ta and a complete history for every individual con- 1,000 TEU – load units – are held in the NKG Kala
yard continuously. In addition, up to 300 container
tainer,” adds Tobias Kratzmann, responsible at NKG Kala for IT projects.
movements occur there daily. The company trades
as a service provider in the worldwide coffee bean
trade, annually handling around 400,000 tons of
raw beans.
   Data available: Container
tracking is feasible at any time via the logistics system
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