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Digitalizing supervision of cargo handling processes is one obvious option. Smooth interaction between those involved is in the interests of all. For a simple reason, logbooks were still kept on paper until the end of 2021 despite their vulnerability to error: The pro- cesses involved are so complex that despite the avail- ability of the technology for a long time, some time elapsed before these had been harmonized and digi- talized between approximately five to six partners.
tages are a reduction in port lay times, an improve- ment in the reliability of schedules, and optimization of both shipboard handling processes and planning for the crew.
The IT system consists of a mobile hand-held device for input of terminal activity in real time and a web- based dashboard for analyzing and checking data. These are synchronized with a web-server and
 The IT system also includes a mobile hand-held device for re- al-time input on terminal activity
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24 | Port of Hamburg Magazine | December 2022
After the system had already been tested on the ‘Frankfurt Express’ and four additional ships since the end of 2020, from August 2022 it was gradually intro- duced in the entire fleet. With the aid of ‘CargoMate’, cargo handling steps on board were digitalized. ‘This enabled us to monitor in real time loading and dis- charge activities by all others involved and calculate when the ship would be ready,” explains Dr. Ralf Belu- sa, Managing Director Digital Business & Transforma- tion for Hapag-Lloyd. “We are therefore no longer de- pendent on data from the terminal, which can on occasion arrive after some delay.” Additional advan-
immediately visible on the web dashboard. This is used by stowage planners at head office, but also at the local port office, or PTO – Plant and Terminal Op- erations. The browser-based dashboard visualises the data gathered by the mobile device and is also acces- sible to computers connected to the internet, such as those of the Captain, First Officer, and shore depart- ments responsible for port operations.
Digitalization has also constantly become a stronger feature of stowage planning. “Otherwise, it would no

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