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       Becoming a port expert with the Port of Hamburg App
HHM – Port of Hamburg Marketing released the new Port of Hamburg App in December 2022. This offers comprehensive data for all – whether trans- port/logistics experts or fans of ports and ships on tour. Its lead function is ‘Hafen Live’ or ‘Live Port’. This indicates what lies in the port vicinity of the user. If a smartphone is pointed at a ship, for instance, the vessel is identi- fied and her name displayed in augmented reality. This function is just one of eight in the new Port of Hamburg App! These range from the ship data- base with data on 20,000 vessels, via the list of ships expected within the next 48 hours, to an overview of waterborne and rail services – die Port of Hamburg App offers all the fascinating data in real time.
The App functions with the Android or Apple iOS operating systems. You can find this in appropriate stores or via direct links with downloads on:
    HHM welcomes LOCON
LOCON forms part of EP Logistics International of Czech Republic and has been engaged in rail freight transport for over 20 years. This medium-size privately run rail op- erator had specialized in freight traffic and building logis- tics. With its hubs in Hamburg, Bremen and Pinnow, the company guarantees customers from the industrial and forwarding segments great flexibility for their ship- ments. Its reliable marshalling team in the Port of Ham- burg is available for both its own services and those of external customers. Ever since its launch in 2002, LOCON has been run by true railwaymen. The company therefore profits from a combination of entrepreneurial thinking, years of experience and extensive practical knowhow. (sh)
   Welcome ME2BE MEDIEN
Die ME2BE MEDIEN is a respected employer-branding agency that develops personalized media for employers and careers websites. Providing support for the build-up of employer brands, LOCON helps companies to gain and retain qualified staff in the long term. As supplier for DIGI.BO, specialists in career orienta- tion and in-service training, ME2BE MEDIEN offers digitalized solutions for career orientation sessions. School-leavers are in- troduced to different career fields in interesting and interactive fashion, learning to better assess their own interests and strengths. The cooperation between ME2BE MEDIEN and DIGI. BO enables young people in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg to acquire essential abilities and skills that simplify entry into work- ing life. (sh)
   : ©LOCON Logistik & Consulting AG

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